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Rochester Central Lutheran School



Basketball is open to all students in grades 5 through 8.  We have multiple teams throughout these grades as noted below.  The season begins mid-November and ends in February.  Please see each team level below for more details.

Boy dribbling basketball

Girl in offense in basketball

Boy shooting basketball

5/6 grade girls basketball

5th and 6th grade girls will learn the game of basketball through drills and practices. Coaches will teach individual skills and team work.The season concludes in February.

6th grade girls basketball team

Head Coach: Brian Rossow

Assistant Coach: Monica Morcom

5/6 Girls Basketball

There are no events to display

5/6 grade boys basketball

5th-6th grade is a beginner level where athletes will learn the game of basketball. Coaches will teach rules and skills throughout the season. This season concludes in February.


Head Coach: Christie Atwell

Assistant Coach: Doug Happel

5B Basketball

There are no events to display

7/8 Grade Girls Basketball

7th and 8th grade basketball is our A-team level.  They continue to learn and perfect their skills.  Their season concludes in February.

Girls middle school basketball team

Head Coach: 

Assistant Coaches: Brent Young



This Week in 7/8G Basketball

There are no events to display

7/8 grade boys basketball

7th-8th grade basketball is our A-level team. Players continue to learn and perfect their skills.  Their season concludes in February.


Assistant Coach:

    Cory Poncelet

RCLS Invitational Basketball Tournament

The RCLS Invitational Basketball Tournament was started in 1984 by Dr. Robert Meyer.  This 3-day tournament over President's Day weekend brings together athletes from around the area to compete in a Christian atmosphere.  

2018 Boys Final Results                                                     2018 Girls Final Results
1st Place RCLS                                                                       1st Place Immanuel Silo
2nd Place Schaeffer Academy                                              2nd Place Rochester John Marshall 7th Grade
3rd Place St. Paul Fairmont                                                   3rd Place RCLS
4th Place Immanuel Silo                                                        4th Place St. Martins Winona

RCLS Basketball

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