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Tuition & Scholarships

Think you can’t afford a private education? Think again!


Because we believe enrollment at RCLS should not be limited to families who can afford to pay full tuition, RCLS is committed to making a Christian education available to as many as possible. Tuition assistance is provided in the form of scholarship awards, which are made on the basis of each applicant’s financial need. New families can submit applications for awards via the TADS system during the enrollment process. All personal financial information is held in strict confidence. The average scholarship award is about $1500, though some receive more and some less.

SCRIP Credits for Tuition

Families can contribute toward tuition payments by participating in the SCRIP Credits program. SCRIP is a gift certificate that can be used like cash. Certificates are available for many national chains as well as local stores. Click on the link below for a complete listing of SCRIP options. When you buy a certificate from the SCRIP program, a rebate, which varies depending on the vendor, is granted to the school. For example, HyVee offers a 3% rebate, while Old Navy offers a 14% rebate. There are hundreds of participating vendors, most of which are stores your family likely frequents: Panera, Papa Murphy’s, Culvers, Kwik Trip, Home Depot, Famous Footwear, and many more. You might even find that your veterinarian or favorite local shop participates through RACS, a system of Rochester-area vendors. This is a great way to support RCLS, but it is ALSO an advantage to families because 70% of the rebate RCLS receives is granted to the purchaser as tuition credit for the following school year. That means that a portion of your planned purchases of grocery, gas, and school clothes can serve as credits toward tuition. Consider the following example:

Scrip Credits Example


Email us for more information on this great program

Tuition & Fees

Tuition information for the 2018-19 school year can be found here:

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Development Center

2018-19 Tuition Menu

Use this menu to choose the desired number of days and sessions. Rates will be calculated upon registration. (See school year fee examples below.)





Early Riser Care

(no additional charge)

PS & PK students held in preschool classroom












Morning Class

Preschool Class




PreK Classes


Mid-day Session

PS & PK in Cafeteria


PS & PK Outside or Activity Room





Rest in PreS Rm


Afternoon Enrichment Class

Rest in PreK Rm


Quiet Activities

(sleepers nap)

Quiet Activities

(sleepers nap)












Extended Day Session

PS & PK in Preschool Room

Drop-in Care (space permitting): $10/day





  Snack School Year Fee

2 classes/wk $42.00

3 classes/wk $64.80

4 classes/wk $86.40

5 classes/wk $108.00

6 classes/wk $129.60

7 classes/wk $151.20

8 classes/wk $172.80

9 classes/wk $194.40

10 classes/wk $216.00


Please note:

*Snack fees are assessed according to chart above.

*$125 Student Registration Fee due upon enrollment.

*RCLS hot lunches are available. Register with the Hot Lunch Program.

*Non-school-day care is available. Register with the Stepping Stones program.










Example 1: Morning Session

2 mornings    $1440 

3 mornings    $2160

4 mornings   $2880

5 mornings    $3600


Example 2: Morning + Mid-day

2 mornings   $1800

3 mornings   $2700

4 mornings   $3600

5 mornings   $4500


Example 3:

Morning + Mid-day + Afternoon

2 days           $2880

3 days           $4320

4 days           $5670

5 days           $7200


Example 4:

Morning + Mid-day + Afternoon + Extended Day

2 days           $3348

3 days           $5022

4 days           $6696

5 days           $8370

K-8th Grade



 The Board of Directors has set tuition rates for the 2018-2019 school year. The tuition listed is followed by a recommended grant for association congregations which may or may not be provided by the student’s home church. The amount of this grant will vary depending on decisions made by your home church.  If you believe you are eligible for a church grant, please contact your church leadership. Understand that if your home church does not provide a grant for your family, you are responsible for the full tuition payment.  

Tuition is payable as follows through Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS):

                        On or before Meet-the-Teacher day in August.

                        Or in 2 payments, one in August 2018 and the other in January 2019.

                        Or in 10 payments beginning in August 2018 and ending in May 2019.

                        Or in 12 payments beginning in June 2018 and ending in May 2019. 

You will need to sign into TADS to indicate your payment choice for 2018-19.

 Tuition for 2018-2019             Recommended Association church grant (per K-8 student)   

Grades K-8  $6,850.00                 Please contact your church office for information.

Preschool and Prekindergarten—Please see Early Childhood schedule and tuition menu.

FACILITY FEE:    Required from all families, Kindergarten—Grade 8:   $520.00

                             This is a non-refundable fee.

REGISTRATION FEE:     Families with one student attending pay $125.00.

                                          Families with two or more students attending pay $250.00 max.

Tuition Assistance: A limited program of financial assistance is available to help families unable to meet full tuition requirements in Kindergarten-Grade 8. Tuition assistance is not retroactive; therefore, interested families should apply through our online registration company, TADS (Tuition Assistance Data Systems), on or before March 15, 2018.                            

Hot Lunch Meal: Hot lunches (or alternatives) are $2.55 per meal for all Preschool-Grade 8 students. The federal government free and reduced price lunch program is available to RCLS students. This price may be subject to change prior to the 2018-2019 school year.

Instrumental Music Fee: An annual fee of $220 per student will be assessed to those families with a student participating in band.

Activity Fee:  An annual fee of $25 will be assessed to students per school year per extracurricular activity in the areas of athletics and drama.

School Yearbook: $20.00 per annual yearbook purchased            




                                             Refund if Withdrawing           Charge if Enrolling

                                    September                           80%                                        100%

                                    October                                 70%                                        90%

                                    November                            60%                                        80%

                                    December                            50%                                        70%

                                    January                                 40%                                        60%

                                    February                               30%                                        50%

                                    March                                    20%                                        40%

                                    April                                       10%                                        30%

                                    May/June                               0%                                          20%