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New Family Info Page

You've made a great decision to enroll your children at RCLS, but now you likely have a new set of questions. Answers to those questions--and more--can be found, in their entirety--in the Parent/Student Handbook that your family will receive at Meet-the Teacher Night in August (or upon request, if you should be enrolling during the school year). In the meantime, we hope this list of FAQs will answer some of your questions--and, of course, do email us if we can answer any immediate concerns.

Welcome to RCLS, New Family! We're so excited to have you join us!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’ve applied for a tuition assistance scholarship, when will I hear if my family has received an award?

Applications for scholarships are completed at the time of enrollment—typically by March 15. An outside agency evaluates applications. Qualifying families receive notice of their awards sometime in May before the following school year.

When will I find out who my child’s teacher is and/or what supplies he/she needs to bring to school?

In mid-July, RCLS sends a packet via U.S. mail to each school family. Packets contain class lists, supply lists, athletics registration information, a school year calendar, and more.

What are school hours? What are the drop-off/pick-up procedures?

PS-8 students may be dropped off starting at 7:15. The first bell rings at 7:30, and the second bell rings at 7:40, when classes begin.

Bus riders are dismissed with the 2:45 bell at the end of the school day, and car riders and walkers are dismissed as soon as the buses pull away.

Parents may drop students off in front of the sidewalk in the morning. A car line forms for after-school pick-up. A map detailing these procedures is included in the July back-to-school packet, or you may ask for a map from the office.

Preschool and prekindergarten students must be walked and signed in/out of the building.

Stepping Stones extended school-day care is available before school starting at 6:30 am and after school until 6:00 pm. POST homework academy is available until 5:00 PM M-Th in the library. Additional charges apply.

When is Meet-the-Teacher Night?

Meet-the-Teacher Night is typically held from 4-7 PM about a week before school starts in August. Students are welcomed to bring their school supplies and unpack into lockers and desks. Students also have the opportunity to register for athletics teams or music classes, if they have not already done so, as well as other clubs and activities. An ice-cream social is held at the school immediately following teacher and classroom introductions.

Will my child get his/her own Chromebook from RCLS?

Students in grades K-5 are assigned a school Chromebook that will be kept in their classrooms. Students in grades 6-8 must purchase their own device or a Chromebook from the school. These typically sell for approximately $250.

Is there a student dress code?

RCLS promotes neatness and appropriateness as the two key words in relation to the selection of school clothing. Clothing styles that reflect good taste and modesty help maintain a Christian atmosphere, good behavior, and respect for others. Details of the dress code are included in the Student Handbook, which each family receives at Meet-the-Teacher Night. Uniforms are not required for RCLS students.

What all-school activities should I anticipate during the school year?

Meet-the-Teacher Night: This kick-off event is typically a Tuesday or Thursday evening the week before the school year begins. Students are encouraged to bring their school supplies, settle into their lockers and desks, and meet their teachers. An ice-cream social is held at the end of the evening.

Back-to-School Night: During the second week of school, parents are invited for a school year kick-off with staff and faculty. Campus actions and goals are shared briefly and parents then visit classrooms to learn specifics regarding curriculum, expectations, class trip, and more. Childcare is provided.

VIP Day: Very Important Person(s) are special friends over the age of 18. Parents, grandparents, other relatives, or other friends are welcomed to RCLS to attend school with a student in early-mid October on a Friday. Traditionally, school is dismissed at noon on VIP Day.

Hallelujah Carnival: This is held each fall near the end of October and offers a friendly festival atmosphere.

Christmas Program & Advent Concert: PS-grade 4 students have a Christmas program, typically about the first Friday of December. Grade 5-8 students have an Advent concert, which is typically held the following Friday.

National Lutheran Schools Week: Each year, Lutheran schools throughout the nation celebrate with a themed, week-long celebration of activities during the last week of January. Details of the celebration will be communicated in the Paw Print and classroom newsletters prior to the event.

Winona Track & Field Day: Students in grades 3-8 are transported on school buses to this annual athletic event in mid-May. Parents are encouraged and welcomed to attend.

RCLS Field Day: This all-school (PS-8) celebration is held on a Friday in the last weeks of the school year.

How do I sign my child up for hot lunches?

Students use prepaid accounts for hot lunch. These payments can be made via check or online via TADS. Hot lunches cost $2.55. Students may choose the hot lunch, a yogurt pack, a sandwich, or a salad. RCLS follows the state and national dietary guidelines and free or reduced lunches are available. Applications for free/reduced lunches are included in the July back-to-school packet.