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If your child turns 3 before September 1st, we welcome you to explore our Preschool program.

If your child turns 4 before September 1st, we welcome you to explore our Prekindergarten program.

In these days of social distancing, we're welcoming parents to visit RCLS's Stepping Stones Program after school hours.

Please take a virtual peek into the classroom here, then schedule an in-person tour or virtual meeting below. When you do, you'll hear from Mrs. Lynn Schoppers, Early Childhood Director, or Mrs. Robin Kaufmann, Enrollment Director. We'll be thrilled to talk with you to hear about your needs and to tell you more about the RCLS Early Childhood program. 

Find your child's place to begin in Stepping Stones, RCLS's extraordinary Preschool or Prekindergarten programs.

Early Childhood Matters


Schedule a time to learn more about Stepping Stones