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Thank you for supporting RCLS through the SCRIP program! If you have any questions about the SCRIP program, please contact Lori Schultz by email at or phone (507-281-4301).

Scrip Gifts for Teachers


SCRIP Program FAQs

What is SCRIP and how does it work?

SCRIP is a gift certificate that can be used like cash at stores that participate in the SCRIP program. Certificates are available from most national chains as well as local stores.   The RCLS SCRIP program buys gift cards at a discounted rate (your profit) from merchants in the program. When you buy a certificate from the SCRIP program, you pay the full face value of the card. The difference between the face value and the discounted rate of the gift card is the profit you and RCLS share.

Why should I use SCRIP?

Using SCRIP is an easy way to reduce your family fee and tuition bill each year and to earn money for RCLS. It costs you nothing more than the face value of the gift card you are purchasing. Profits from SCRIP benefit everyone in our school system. We can all do our part by participating in this program.

How much of the profit will I receive for tuition credit?

For each dollar earned, you will receive 70% and RCLS will receive 30%. (Please note that your total SCRIP profit must reach a total of at least $25 in order to receive tuition credit. SCRIP profits totaling <$25 will remain with the school.) There is no limit on the amount you can earn. The credit you earn during the 2018-2019 school year will be applied to the following school year's financial statement. If you are an 8th grade family and have no younger children at RCLS, your SCRIP credits will go back to RCLS unless you request your credits be returned to you at the end of the school year. This request must be submitted in writing by the end of the current school year.

How can I purchase SCRIP?

1.  You may purchase Scrip in the school office.  A limited supply of SCRIP (popular local businesses like Culver’s, Hy-Vee, Kwik Trip, Walmart/Sam’s Club, and more) is kept in stock and is sold on a first come, first serve basis in the school office.

2.  Place an order using the order form found at the link above on this page or at the Scrip desk. Orders submitted by Friday 3PM and will be ready for pick up the following Wednesday.

3.  Order online using ShopWith (code needed for creating ShopWith account: DEBEE93L9L5)This allows you to order local businesses as well as any company that our wholesaler stocks. Orders are paid with Prestopay or a check when you pick up your order. All on-line orders submitted by noon on Sunday will be ready for pick up on Wednesday afternoon.

4.  ScripNOW and Reload Order electronic gift cards on line and pay via Prestopay (need to have an account set up withShopWithScrip). Print your gift cards out at home and take them to the store and use. With Reload you can add money to already purchased cards.  

5.  ScripWallet Purchase Scrip and spend right from your mobile phone. You can order electronic gift cards, reload physical cards and in many cases redeem them right from your phone. Again you need an account set up through ShopWith Scrip. 

6.  For more information for use and set up go to:

**ScripNow and ScripWallet is limited to businesses available through our wholesaler only.  Local businesses like HyVee, Fareway, Culvers, Apollo, Victoria’s,  and RACS offer physical cards purchased through the office.

**Payment is by cash, checks or Prestopay.  We do not take credit cards as the cards fees would negate the profit we earn.