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How to Log On to Educate

RCLS is pleased to announce the implementation of a new student information system entitled EDUCATE. The Household Portal is a website used by families to view school and student specific information.  There are two options for accessing this website.

1.     Go to and Sign in with your Username and Password. If you do not recall your password, you can click on the Forgot Password? link to have it reset. 

2.     On Wednesday, August 22, 2018 you received an email providing you with your Educate username and a temporary password. You’ll be prompted to change your password at the next login.    

The Home page will provide a quick overview of school and basic student information right when you log in. You can customize your view by clicking and dragging the sections, or widgets, to their desired locations. The Home page can be accessed by clicking on the Home button at the top of your screen. 

The Students page provides additional and more detailed student information than displayed on the Home page. To access the Students page, click school at the top of your screen, and then select Students from the dropdown options. 

The Accounts page displays demographic information for yourself and your household and can be located by clicking your name in the upper left-hand corner, and selecting Account from the dropdown options. 

Cafeteria balances can be found directly on the Home page, or by clicking School at the top of your screen and selecting Cafeteria from the dropdown options. You can make credit card payments by clicking the Make a Payment button. 

You can access Frequently Asked Questions by clicking on the green Question Mark symbol in the lower right of your screen; if you do not see your question, or are having technical difficulties, you will also have the option to Contact the Educate Team. 

how to access grades & assignments in educate

Below is a video tutorial for accessing student grades and assignment information:

Car Line Procedure

Our student pick-up procedure is not difficult, but the resources below will help you navigate the car line the first times you pick your child up from school. Please note the following:

1. Bus students are dismissed at 2:45. Cars are asked to wait in line at points 2 and 3 until the buses pull out of the parking lot. When the buses pull away, cars may enter the line at point 4.

2. Cars pulling in from 9th Avenue (point 1) must enter the car line at point 2 rather than pulling directly into the line directed toward the school (point 4).

3. Students must remain on sidewalk until parents pull up into waiting spots at Point 5.

4. Parents not wanting to wait in the car line are asked to park and walk across the crosswalk to retrieve their students. For their safety, students are not allowed to cross into the parking lot on their own.

Thank you for helping us keep our parking lot safe!