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Quips & Quotes

The message board at the parking lot exit typically houses dates and reminders. In the absence of many of our usual extracurricular activities and in the face of a culture that needs a good laugh, we thought we'd change things up a bit!

Eeyore quote on message board

Now, instead of reminders, we're posting a little encouragement on one side... and a little chuckle on the other.

Well, they're sort of dad jokes, so maybe the dads are laughing, anyway?

Now, would you help us? 

Pull out your joke books (or ask your dad), recall your favorite inspirational/literary quote, and, please, share them with us!

Students may give submissions to their classroom teachers, who will be sure they make it to the office, or parents may submit them to the office via the form below.

Note these parameters for your entries:

  • Jokes or quotes must not be too long. We can fit something like 10-15 words on the boards, depending on word length.
  • If you submit a quote, include author or source if known. We try to include these on the board when room allows.
  • Make submissions anytime during the month. Most of the time, we'll choose a new quip or quote on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Thank you for helping us spread the joy just a bit this winter! 

Joke on message board