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Rochester Central Lutheran School


Covid Contingency Plans

Covid Contingency Plan Overview

This Covid Contingency Plan Overview outlines two possibilities––in-person and remote learning––for school for the fall. Details and changes will be updated as information becomes available.

Click Plan cover at left to access complete document, which includes:

    >RCLS's Mission Statement

    >Decision-making Process

    >In-person Learning: Programming

    >In-person Learning: Campus Protocols

    >Remote Learning




Risk Mitigation Plan for In-person Learning

The COVID Risk Mitigation and Contingency Plan for In-person Learning details campus health and safety protocols and COVID-19 response strategies for in-person learning.

Covid Contingency Plan Cover updated 1_1_21

Click plan cover at left to access complete document, which includes

  >School scheduling details & relevant procedures

  >Classroom considerations

  >Daily proactive preventative care procedures

  >COVID-19 response strategies

  >Travel & related quarantine recommendations





COVID-19: Tools & Resources

Remote Learning Schedules

How to Access Seesaw

Remote Learning Platforms

Students will use the following learning and communication platforms for Remote Learning.

Gr. PS-2: Seesaw

Gr. 3-5: Seesaw & Google Classroom

Gr. 6-8: Google Classroom & Flipgrid

All grades: Google Meet

Students are signed into their Seesaw accounts on their RCLS Chromebooks, but the instructional video here shows parents and students how to log into Seesaw with any device. 

Remote Learning Etiquette

Critical Worker Childcare

Childcare for critical workers will be available from 7:30am-5:30pm in Critical Worker Childcare (adapted Stepping Stones) at RCLS. This care will be offered without charge from 7:30am-2:30pm, during school hours. Normal Stepping Stones fees will be assessed from 2:30-5:30pm. RCLS will be able to accommodate up to 80 children in Critical Worker Childcare.

In alignment with the MN Department of Education “School-age Care Guidelines,” RCLS will utilize the following criteria in determining eligibility for critical worker childcare:

1.  Households where all parents/guardians in the household are Tier One critical workers who are required to be at work.

2.  As space allows, households with at least one parent/guardian Tier One critical worker who is required to be at work.

3.  As space allows, households without Tier One critical workers.

According to MDE, “school-age care for children of critical workers is intended for extreme circumstances in which no parent or guardian is at home, due to employment as a critical worker.” Parents are encouraged not to use Critical Worker Childcare if they have the ability to work from home.

Step 1: Critical Worker Childcare Enrollment

Families requesting Critical Worker Childcare must enroll here, even if already registered for Stepping Stones. 

Step 2: Critical Worker Childcare Reservations