Before completing this registration form, please read the Student-Athlete and Parent-Spectator Codes of Conduct. Both can be found below this form.

By typing my name in the box, I give my son/daughter, currently a student at Rochester Central Lutheran School, permission to participate in the activities listed above. I understand and agree to the policies and standards of the RCLS athletic programs, including the eligibility requirements as stated in the parent handbook. I also give permission for photographs taken during activities/events to be used for publications by RCLS. I understand that by participating in this activity, my child has the prerequisite skills, qualifications, preparation and training required. I also accept that there are risks, hazards and dangers involved in the training, preparation, participation, and transportation to and from these activities, and assume all risks of damage or injury. I further agree to hold RCLS, its board of directors, its employees, and its volunteer coaches and assistants harmless and free of liability for any personal injury resulting from these activities. I further consent to allow my child to receive medical attention which may be deemed advisable in the event of an accident, injury, or illness resulting from my child’s participation in this activity or related events. ​​​​