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Spanish is offered as a required course in grades K-5 and as an elective course in grades 6-8. Each grade meets once per week.

Boy with Spanish flashcards

In grades PK-5, students learn basic vocabulary––numbers, colors, greetings. classroom objects, clothing, food, family, and more––as well as basic conversational phrases. The objective in these early grades is to expose students to the sound of language, provide practice speaking basic vocabulary words, and to generate interest and ability to acquire language.

In middle school, students continue with vocabulary development and spend more time on grammar and verb conjugations.  RCLS uses the Spanish 1 textbook that is used in the Rochester Public Schools. This  gives students who study Spanish in high school a head start in the high school curriculum. The middle-school Spanish curriculum at RCLS offers students an advantage, even if they elect to study another foreign language in high school. As students learn vocabulary and begin to conjugate verbs and form sentences in another language, they develop a deeper understanding for how language works.

Girl studying Spanish