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Physical Education

Girls in PE

Physical Education at RCLS is designed to further develop and prepare the whole child for a healthy and fit future. Students are given the opportunity to exercise and to learn new physical skills. Classes are designed to develop student fitness, teach and expand physical skills, and provide experience and practice in setting goals for life-long fitness. Instruction focuses on team play, cooperation, rule application, personal improvement, fitness monitoring, and skill development. These skills and goals are vital to preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities of faith, fitness, and fellowship.

All grades, preschool-grade 8, receive formal fitness instruction in Physical Education classes, but RCLS also fosters fitness and mind-body development by prioritizing recess time. Twice a day, all students are given time to run, play, and socialize outside. Research consistently shows that students' concentration and classroom behaviors improve when students are regularly given opportunities for exercise and active play. As a supplement to the formal physical education curriculum and as a means to shape the whole child, RCLS values unstructured physical activity and remains committed to offering recess.

Boys playing football in snow