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Kindergarten girl writing numbers


Kindergarten boy raising hand

Kindergarten teacher helping boy read

A full-day Kindergarten program focuses on helping children grow in their faith and develop a Christ-like attitude toward learning and others. The Kindergarten curriculum offers opportunities for exploration of ideas and is designed to build an academic foundation for future learning success.

Religion ("Jesus Time")

RCLS Kindergartners hear the Word of God, study Bible stories, and learn what it means to love God and others. Ultimately, teachers offer daily Biblical instruction in an environment that is characterized by grace, lending students a foundational understanding of their identities and values in Christ.

Language Arts

Children experience a print-rich curriculum in Kindergarten. Early learning focuses on phonics skills and phonemic awareness, high-frequency words, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills. Phonics are a high priority, and students have visual, auditory, and tactile opportunities to learn or reinforce letters and sounds. Speaking, writing, and listening skills are explicitly taught and practiced as children learn to function and communicate in a classroom setting.


Children explore numbers and number sense. They practice counting skills, patterning, sorting, measuring, spatial concepts, and beginning addition and subtraction.


Children explore God’s world with topics related to all branches of science. Units from life science, physical science, earth science, and health and the human body offer age-appropriate discovery of the scientific world.

Social Studies

Children study areas that relate to pride in their country, and they develop an understanding of history, their families, and the modern world around them.

In addition to these core subjects, Kindergarten students receive weekly or biweekly instruction in





   and Physical Education.

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