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Rochester Central Lutheran School


Grades 6-8

RCLS's middle school is distinctive in Rochester. Serving more than 100 6th-8th graders, RCLS's middle-school teachers are extraordinarily equipped to serve this population of students, and they know their students well enough to be able to minister to each individually. At a stage of learning that demands more critical thinking and independent work, middle-school students also find themselves coping with the social and emotional pressures of the early-teen years. RCLS anticipates these pressures and provides a structured, safe environment where grace, acceptance, and affirmation shape a context in which students are secure enough to direct energy to classroom learning and character formation. Academically, RCLS offers a rigorous curriculum with high expectations at the same time that it offers the academic and personal support students need to meet those expectations.

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Teacher helping student with math

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Middle-school students are also required to take:



   and Physical Education.

Additionally, middle-school students may choose from the following elective classes:




   Handbell Choir

   Study Hall

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