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Rochester Central Lutheran School


Individualized Instruction

“Individualized instruction” is not just a trend at RCLS. Instead, it is a hallmark of our educational approach. Even our standardized testing––the NWEA, which allows teachers to easily track an individual student’s skill level and progress ––reflects our emphasis on the needs of an individual student. Teachers shape lessons from grade-level objectives rather than on prescribed textbook sequences. This approach, together with a firm commitment to small class sizes, means teachers can individualize instruction for students at all levels. For example, it is not uncommon, in the lower grades, for classroom teachers to assign supplemental classwork to students who excel in a subject, while students in the upper grades are enabled to differentiate through topics of individual study or by electing the accelerated math track.

Additionally, students have access to resource support and enrichment opportunities so that every child is supported or challenged as appropriate.

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