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Foundation Matters

When your child is 3, it is easy to look at the 15 years ahead of you and imagine that there is plenty of time to establish a solid foundation of learning. But, as the saying goes, "The days are long, but the years are short." Childhood is a preciously short amount of time to lay a foundation of faith, friendship, and learning that affect the soul, psyche, and intellect. 

RCLS exists to serve as a partner with you in the critical work of those years. We know that the early years of classroom learning are the foundation for later stages of learning, and we have the tools to help you build.


Tool #1: Core Principles

Girl singing in class

Grounded in Grace,

Formed in Faith,

Committed to Learning for Life 

The core of what is both our mission statement and our vision, "Grace, Faith, Learning for Life" characterizes our school. This is who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Parents and teachers agree that these guiding principles shape our students. 

Learn how.

Tool #2: Curriculum

Middle school student writing

A rigorous curriculum that meets or exceeds state grade-level standards is the basis for classroom instruction and activities. RCLS prioritizes Foundational Learning (phonics, writing, math, and knowledge acquisition), Individualized Instruction (small class sizes, enrichment and accelerated opportunities, and resource support), and a Whole-child Emphasis (body, mind, and spirit are tended at RCLS).

Read more about the curriculum at each stage of learning, then read to learn how RCLS graduates do in high school .

Tool #3: Community

Middle school and elementary school students on stage

The value of a supportive community in life and learning cannot be overstated. RCLS's school environment and culture are characterized by acceptance, joy, and a sense of camaraderie that is second to none. This sense of community is fostered in the classroom, through our extracurricular opportunities and chapel family interactions, and by our highly engaged, committed families. Altogether, these create a safe, encouraging culture in which students learn and grow in confidence. Read more about how a supportive culture impacts a child's learning.

In Rochester's oldest, most distinctive Christian school, your child has access to tools that will shape a firm foundation. 

Students working in classroom

Prekindergarten teacher teaches ABCs

Student whispering to teacher

Student with butterfly and flowers

Two students making blanket

Two girls on scooters in gym

Prekindergarten student draws

Kindergarten girl coloring page

Boy running cross-country race