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We're Celebrating! RCLS Class of 2022
Robin Kaufmann

They’ve graduated!

RCLS is pleased to congratulate 34 8th grade students on their graduation last night from their childhood school. The 2021-22 school year has come and gone for them. It was, in their words…

Fast, fun, crazy, awesome, hilarious, happy, exciting, leadership, “friends,” challenging, memorable, hard, entertaining…and more!

Please celebrate these students with us. 

Capucine Ainache has joined our 8th grade class this year. She is visiting us from France and will return to her home there this summer. She has been a delightful addition to the class, leading a chapel family and learning English at the same time.




David Atwell has been an RCLS student since Preschool. He has been involved in many activities at RCLS, even anchoring a chess club in his 8th grade year. When he is not in school, David loves to swim and ski and be active outside. When he begins at Mayo High School in the fall, David anticipates making new friends and enjoying the freedom of selecting his classes, which will prepare him, he hopes, for college and medical school on his way to becoming a Radiologist.


Oliver Bertsch started Kindergarten at RCLS. He is a sports fan––he loves to play hockey and baseball in city leagues––so it is no surprise that his favorite RCLS memory is Track & Field Day. And what does he look forward to in high school? The sports teams, of course! Oliver dreams of playing in the NHL or MLB one day.




Savannah Brent started Kindergarten at RCLS. She has loved Chapel Family activities each year and has a fond memory of meeting her chapel family for the first time. Outside of school, she loves to ride her bike and take walks, but you might also find her shopping for shoes, she says. She’ll attend Century High School and looks forward to meeting new people in that larger learning environment. One day, she hopes to work as a Special Education teacher like her mom, who serves as an inspiration for Savannah.


Ryan Brueck began his years at RCLS in PreK with Mrs. Wetzel. His favorite memory comes from his early days, when he was a "sword eater" in the Kindergarten circus with Miss Timm. Ryan says he will always remember how his teachers at RCLS were interested in helping him learn. Outside of school, Ryan is an avid hockey player. He is looking forward to high school in Pine Island, where he looks forward to activities such as FFA and trap shooting. His dream job? He loves to work with his hands, so he thinks he'd like to be a welder.


Luis Brulles Lopez is here at RCLS on an exchange program, and he has been fun to have in school. He’s had a great middle school experience and will long remember his friends and the RCLS’s track & field days he participated in this spring. Luis is a tennis player outside of school. He will return to his home and to high school in Spain, and though he has enjoyed his time in the U.S., he does look forward to being with his family again.

Sydney Buhman moved to Rochester and to RCLS in time for 6th grade. Among the many things she has enjoyed about RCLS, she is especially fond of her last seasons on the soccer and softball teams. Soccer was undefeated in the fall and so much fun, she says, and softball was just as fun. The team won the conference tournament! Sydney will attend Century High School, where she anticipates new experiences and friends and great classes. Sydney loves the ocean, so she imagines working as a marine biologist or as an entrepreneur of a café or beach shop.


Willow Corley started at RCLS in Preschool, so she has many years of memories at her childhood school. But the best memory of all? That’s easy—when she won against Silo in the shot put at Winona, she says! Willow will attend Century High School and looks forward to being on the lacrosse team and potentially playing other sports, and she’s also excited for all the new opportunities that high school will bring. She hopes to work in law or medicine one day––and perhaps even at the Mayo Clinic.



Boden Cutsforth came to RCLS for 6th grade. Boden is a basketball player and loves to play as much as he can, so he ranks the RCLS basketball tournament as his favorite memory from middle school. He hopes there is more basketball in his future at Century High School, in fact, so we hope that for him, too. He cannot name a dream job just yet, but he’s got some years of learning and fun ahead, so he’s got some time to figure that out.


Del Dance started at RCLS in 1st grade. He has been involved in band and various activities in middle school and has fond memories of playing games with friends at school, most particularly when the entire middle school played a game of “eagle’s eggs” last year out on the soccer field. Del will attend Stewartville High School, and he thinks he might have less homework there than he has had at RCLS. He thinks that does not sound so bad! One day, Del might like to own a business.


Roger D joined us at RCLS in 7th grade. He loves RCLS’s Field Day and led his own chapel family this year. Roger is looking forward to meeting new people at Mayo High School next year. He is a snowboarder, so he says his dream job is to be a pro snowboarder. Sounds exciting, right?

Audrey Englemann has been at RCLS since Preschool. Her family will move to the Twin Cities this summer, so she is not yet sure where she will attend high school, but she looks forward to this next phase of learning. She will always remember fun lunch periods with friends at RCLS and the years of friendship she has enjoyed here. Outside of school, Audrey enjoys listening to music and reading. We will surely miss the Englemanns when they move!


Jackson Fink began at RCLS many years ago in Preschool. He appreciates his long tenure at RCLS and the friends and memories he has made, at RCLS Field Day and otherwise. Jackson loves to play soccer, so he looks forward to being a part of the soccer team in Byron where he lives and will attend high school. Jackson’s dream job after high school is to be a professional soccer player, so he means business when it comes to his favorite sport!



Graham G joined his class in 7th grade. He has enjoyed the middle school Bluff Valley trip each spring, a memory he takes with him as he graduates. Graham is an active kid who enjoys skateboarding and lacrosse when he is not in school. He will attend Century High School next year and looks forward to the opportunities in classes and sports that a high school offers.

Jacob Happel started at RCLS way back in Preschool. He names the 8th grade relay this year as a favorite memory. (The 8th graders beat the alumni squad in that race, after all!) Jacob has been an anchor in the percussion section of RCLS’s band, and he anticipates being a part of the drumline at Century High School starting in the fall. He dreams of being a professional drum or guitar player one day. That will be exciting to watch!

Patrick Harkins joined his class in 7th grade. He, too, enjoys RCLS Field Day and takes with him memories of that fun day. Patrick does not mind the idea of getting a little older, and he looks forward to driving a car in high school. Since his family is moving to Colorado this summer, high school will be there for Patrick. We will miss Patrick, but we wish him all the best.

Jaxon Johnson started at RCLS in his PreK year. He thought 8th grade went so quickly, but here he is after all these years––time to graduate! He is not yet sure where he’ll attend high school, but he will continue to play hockey outside of school and he anticipates making new friends wherever he is in school. Jaxon imagines himself as a chiropractor one day.



Nick Kania-Lachance has been at RCLS since Preschool. He has many happy memories of his days at RCLS, most particularly of field trips to the museums in the Cities and of RCLS Field Day and the Winona Track & Field Day meet. Outside of school, Nick plays the piano and loves to be outside. He will matriculate at Mayo High School in the fall and looks forward to new friends and different types of classes.


Yuying Liao joined RCLS in 6th grade when she moved to Rochester from China. She has had a great middle school experience. Of many great memories, she most remembers the snow tubing trip the middle school took each February. She will attend Lourdes High School and has dreams of being a fashion designer one day.



Max Malloy came to RCLS in 3rd grade. He thinks he’s had a rigorous education––a lot of projects and homework, he says!––but he has enjoyed his friends and is delighted to conclude his RCLS days with his graduating class. Outside of school, Max enjoys racing his dirt bike. He is not yet sure what might be his “dream job,” but he will attend Lourdes High School next year on the way there.


Sophie Malloy started at RCLS in 3rd grade. Like many of her classmates, the spring Field Day and Winona Track & Field Day are among her favorite RCLS memories. Outside of school, she loves to dance. She’s looking forward to making new friends at Lourdes High School, where she will matriculate in the fall. She imagines working as a surgeon one day, so she might have a lot of school and training ahead.



Matthew M came to RCLS in 2nd grade. As a budding electrical engineer, Matthew has appreciated what he has learned in tech class at RCLS and names “virtual reality in tech class” as a favorite memory. He will matriculate at Mayo High School next year, where he anticipates enjoying more autonomy. He is ready to manage that autonomy and the rigor of a high school course load, we are sure.

Téa McEachern joined her RCLS class in 4th grade. She has a lot of interests outside of school including swimming, tennis, and golf, and she anticipates joining the tennis and golf teams at Century High School, where she will attend in the fall. After high school, Téa imagines college and medical school in preparation for a surgery career.

Elizabeth Morcom began at RCLS in Kindergarten. Like so many students who graduate from RCLS, Elizabeth will fondly remember the spring track & field days—at RCLS and at Winona. They are a ton of fun! Elizabeth loves to play basketball when she is not in school, and she hopes to be able to participate in basketball or other sports at Century High School in the coming years. She looks forward to meeting new friends in high school, something we know she will be good at doing.


Everett Oyen joined us at RCLS in 7th grade. He has been active in band, athletics, and activities, and has enjoyed every opportunity to get outside for learning and activities with his schoolmates, including, of course, the popular track and field days. He will be attending high school in Rochester, but where is yet to be decided. Everett’s dream job is as an athlete or a marine biologist, both of which sound adventurous, we think!

Tyler Pardeik started at RCLS in his PreK year. With that many years behind him, Tyler shares a lot of good memories with classmates, but he, too, most loves RCLS Field Day. He plays basketball outside of school and has also been a leader on a winning team. Tyler will attend John Marshall High School.



Olivia Robinson joined her class in 6th grade. She has enjoyed her middle school experience and will take with her many happy memories, including the popular Field Day. Olivia will attend Mayo High School, where she anticipates reconnecting with old friends she had in elementary school. One day, Olivia may be an interior designer. She will be a good one, we’re quite sure!


Lily Shatek started at RCLS in Kindergarten. Her favorite memories include winning a handwriting award in 1st grade and also the RCLS Field Day each year, when the whole school would come together. She thought her middle school classes to be “challenging,” but she is well-prepared for high school in Kasson, which comes next. She looks forward to art classes in high school, and one day imagines working as a freelance artist.


Milleah Stensgard first came to RCLS in 5th grade. She has loved her years at RCLS and finds it difficult to name a favorite memory, but she does love the tradition of participating in Track & Field Day in Winona. She will attend Pine Island High School, where she has many friends she looks forward to seeing regularly again. Milleah dreams of being a doctor or a home designer.

Maverick T started learning at RCLS in Kindergarten. Like many of his classmates, he loves the Winona Track & Field Day and will take with him fond memories of competing there. Outside of school, Maverick plays lacrosse, and he looks forward to lacrosse and more in high school sports at Mayo High School in the fall. One day, he imagines he will start his own business or work as a pilot.

Everett Timimi came to RCLS for 7th grade. We have been so grateful to have him and his family with us these past two years. Participating in the RCLS all-school relay at the Winona Track & Field Day is one of Everett's favorite RCLS memories. RCLS won that race this year! Everett will attend Lourdes High School next year. 

Alice Nelly Toledano joined this graduating class this year. Engaged with sports teams and both drama production, Nelly has had a busy 8th grade year. She has loved the social aspects of her life at RCLS and names Chapel Families and good times with her friends as her favorite memories. She will attend Century High School in the fall and looks forward to new classes and friends and the athletic opportunities that will be available to her there. One day, this hardworking student imagines working as an environmentalist or a biologist––or maybe as an athlete.


Drake Waters began at RCLS for Kindergarten. Although he has years of memories with his friends and activities, he has loved his 8th grade year, in particular. He is especially excited that his softball team won the conference tournament this spring, a victory he counts as a favorite memory. Outside of school, Drake likes to fish and hang out with friends. He will attend Century High School, where he looks forward to enjoying high school sports and making new friends.

Michael W started his school career in Kindergarten at RCLS. He has enjoyed his friends at RCLS and has been active in Lego Robotics in middle school. He enjoys gaming and creating in his free time outside of school. Next up is Mayo High School for Michael, where he anticipates making new friends who share some of his interests.


RCLS Class of 2022

Class verse: Jeremiah 29:11

Class Psalm: Psalm 20:4

Class colors: pink and black 

Valedictorian: Jackson Fink

Salutatorian: David Atwell

1st runner up: Lily Shatek

2nd runner up: Sydney Buhman