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8th grade class in gym
L. Lindell & Others

Just over a month ago, RCLS graduated another class of 8th-grade students, some of whom have attended RCLS since preschool and others who have attended RCLS only in the last year or two. Recently, we asked one graduate to reflect on her RCLS experience. Linnea Lindell, the daughter of Drs. Paul and Rebecca Lindell, shares her reflection here.

Graduation. I never thought it would come so soon. I attended RCLS for eleven years, and as a wide-eyed preschooler, I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to be one of those big, top-drawer eighth graders.

I loved RCLS from the start. Everyone was very kind to me and I had many friends. I had so much fun with my chapel family and looked up to the eighth-grade leaders. They were very kind and loving, and they were great role models for those of us who were younger.

Kindergarten student with her grandmother

My earliest memory at RCLS was passing out cupcakes for my birthday in Mrs. Wetzel's preschool class. My grandmother was also there to help. Once everyone had a cupcake, I took mine, walked over to my seat, and dropped the cupcake on my new light-up shoes. I was distressed, but was comforted by my teacher and grandmother. I ended up getting another cupcake. After we ate the cupcakes, Mrs. Wetzel took a picture of me and my grandmother with her polaroid camera. I was mesmerized by how the picture would appear magically after fanning it out.

Girls at kindergarten graduation

Looking back at RCLS, I am so grateful that my parents enrolled me in this wonderful school. Without a doubt, I know that RCLS has equipped me with knowledge, friends, and Christ in preparation for the journeys ahead. The teachers are caring and kind-hearted, the classes are educational and engaging, and the before and after-school activities are fun and progressive. RCLS gives you everything you need to grow in knowledge and faith.

I am excited to enter high school, but I will miss the intimacy of RCLS. I know everyone in my class, and I will miss them, since we will be dividing up into different high schools. Though, I know we will keep in touch. The friendships that I made at RCLS are strong and reliable. I wouldn’t change them for the world. 

At Mayo High School, I plan to get involved in the Key Club, the Honors Society, and eventually letter in figure skating. I would like to use the knowledge, maturity, and belief in Christ that RCLS has fostered in me and portray it in whatever I do at Mayo. This is just one of the many values RCLS has taught me, and I know that it will impact the lives of others around me.

8th grade class on playground

Parents, if you are considering whether or not your child should attend this school, know that it will positively impact your child greatly, and skyrocket them ahead to whatever dreams they have.


Linnea is not alone in her fondness for RCLS. This past spring, some 6th, 7th , and 8th grade students wrote letters of welcome to students who will be new to RCLS for the 2018-19 school year. While parents necessarily consider the academic rigor and extracurricular opportunities of a school, these letters served to us as a reminder that a student is more concerned about other matters: “Will I have friends? Will my teachers be kind? Will I have fun?” At RCLS, we know that when a student is safe, affirmed, confident, and engaged, he/she is in a position to learn. Consider these excerpts from some of those welcome letters, which are a precious insight into the student experience at RCLS:

I came to RCLS in kindergarten. I have great memories of the kids I met in kindergarten, and now I’m going into seventh grade with some of the same kids. I think you will have fun at RCLS, create new memories, and make lots of friends. -Vivian

I am sure you will meet many friends because the RCLS community is really tight….I think you will have a great time at RCLS. -Whittaker

There are so many fun things to do. We have band, choir, and bells for music. You do a lot of projects in most classes. The playground is a fun place to play. People are very nice and want to play with you. I hope you enjoy animals! The science room has many animals. […] I hope you have a great experience at RCLS and have a lot of fun learning! -Cady

All of the students and teachers are very nice here, and I’m sure that you will find so many good friends. I am a student here at RCLS. I will be in eighth grade next year. I have been going to RCLS ever since preschool. I can’t imagine any other place that I would rather go than here. -Chloe

RCLS is a great school with the best teachers. It is easy to make friends here. People are nice here, too. Everywhere you look, you see a happy smile. -Liam

We worship God together and sing songs of worship. RCLS has lots of things to do but my favorite is the basketball program. […]RCLS is a great school for learning and worshiping God! -Luke

I just finished 8th grade at RCLS. I came in seventh grade, and I felt very welcomed by students and teachers immediately! I have grown very close to everyone in my class, and all of my teachers are amazing. RCLS has fun activities with music, sports, technology, and art. I have loved being here my two years, and I am excited for you to join. RCLS is Christ-centered, and you will make friends very quickly. -Sophie

I am currently enrolled at RCLS in 7th grade. It is a great place. I have been here since preschool, and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. You grow in your faith in Jesus and learn a lot in the process. I like RCLS because I can be one with my faith and get one of the best educations in town. -Bryce

These are just a few of many such student perspectives on the RCLS experience. Parents, know that your beloved children are learning, loved, and happy at RCLS! We are so grateful to partner with you in shaping these remarkable young people. The 315 children that will call RCLS their educational home in 2018-19 can look forward to another great year.