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Rochester Central Lutheran School


8th grade girls
Madison Meyer

Earlier this week, RCLS celebrated the 8th-grade Class of 2019 with a formal commencement ceremony. Just before her graduation, Madison Meyer sat down to consider her RCLS experience, which began in Kindergarten almost a decade ago. Her reflections, prompted by our questions, are here.

You’ve been at RCLS since Kindergarten. What are your early memories of your school?

Two kindergarten graduates

When I was first told that I was coming to RCLS, I probably didn’t know what that meant. After my parents told me that it was going to school with a bunch of other kids, I imagine that I was very nervous. I don’t really remember my first day of school very well, but I can guess that I was nervous to see older kids and be in a school. What I do recall from my younger years is the fun. I was always super excited to go outside for recess. That was probably the most fun part of the day for me. I also remember playing with the kitchen when it was center time in kindergarten.

Now that you are looking back on your elementary and middle school years, what did you like best about RCLS?

I have loved RCLS because of the learning and social environment here. Teachers taught me extremely well. The teachers were always willing to help, and students could reach out to their teachers for help even when they weren’t at school. Then, even when we worked hard in classes, we always found time to play or burn energy. There was always that time for fun.

Also, RCLS is a very friendly community, and there are many opportunities to make friends from all grade levels. As a little kid and even now, I am sometimes kind of shy. Here at RCLS, though, it was easy to make friends. Everyone is approachable and just easy to click with. One way to get to know others at RCLS and make friends was through our chapel families. Every Wednesday, we would go to chapel and sit with our chapel groups. I remember that my chapel leaders were always so caring and energetic. They helped with whatever I needed, whether it was tying my shoes, getting my coat unzipped, or something else. It was just the best feeling to know that people cared and to know that we were all one family with God.

How have you grown as a student? friend? Christian?

Middle school friends

As a student at RCLS, I definitely think I’ve grown in many ways. Spiritually, I have gotten so much stronger in my relationship with God. I know that I am never alone no matter what is going on in my life. Socially, I have developed so many great friendships. RCLS has offered the opportunity to make many friends over the years, even in the lower grade levels. I have realized the value of having not just one friend, but many friends. 

What will you miss about RCLS? What is the greatest benefit of being an RCLS student?

Now that I am graduating from 8th grade, I look back on so many happy times at RCLS. One thing that I like best about this school is the community that we “live” in. Everyday life at school is always happy, energetic, caring, and loving. I love to see what goes on now in the elementary rooms. It is just so amazing to see how smart and fun those little kids are, and I imagine the great years ahead of them. Overall, I think RCLS is just the best experience anyone could ask for.

What do you plan to get involved in at your high school?

Going into high school is definitely exciting but also scary. It’s exciting to know that a new chapter in my life is beginning, and there are going to be so many opportunities that are waiting for us. I am going to Mayo High School, and I am excited about the many great clubs that I could be involved with there. I plan to try and be involved with student government because I think that is going to be a great way for me to meet new people, make friends, and find ways to help in my new school. 

What advice do you have for younger students?

Involve yourself in a lot of what goes on at RCLS. This is a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience!

8th grade Graduates

We congratulate Madison and all of the graduates (and we sure will miss them). May the Lord bless them and keep them...may the Lord be gracious to them and give them peace.


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