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RCLS Class of 2018
Robin Kaufmann


As I interact with prospective school families, one of the questions I am always asked is, “How do RCLS students do in high school?”

Anecdotally, we hear they do well. We hear positive feedback from high school principals and guidance counselors. “RCLS students are leaders,” we have heard.

“We love when RCLS students come to high school,” one principal told us.

“Our daughter was so well prepared that she was bored in 9th-grade classes,” a parent reported.

Until now, we’ve only had such anecdotes and stories to share. To be sure, the stories are powerful. Consider the recent blog story about Jon Dicke, who excelled academically and athletically at Century High School after graduating from RCLS––and then went on to college to do the same. His success is inspiring, and surely his story helps parents to envision what could be reality for their own child.

But now, after a recent survey of parents of RCLS’s 2018 graduates, we have some numbers to support the stories. And, truly, the numbers are astounding.

How do RCLS students do in high school?

Extraordinarily well, it appears. Here are the numbers.

29 graduates in the 2018 RCLS class

68% of those students attended RCLS for 4 years or more

Where did they enroll after RCLS?

3 went to John Marshall

8 went to Mayo

16 went to Century

2 went elsewhere (1 in Byron, 1 in homeschool)


Inside the Classroom

What classes do RCLS students take in high school?

94% took the maximum number of classes (6-7, depending on availability of classes)

79% took honors classes for at least ½ of their course load

79% took honors or accelerated Math (Geometry or Algebra 2)

79% took honors English 1

79% took honors Biology or Medical Biology

100% took a foreign language (Spanish, Latin, French, German, and other)

28% took a foreign language with an honors option

The average GPA of the RCLS Class of 2018 after their first semester of high school is 3.84.

45% of students hold a 4.0.

We note that this is a particularly impressive number since so many of these students are taking honors-level courses. Well done, RCLS alumni!

Alumni academics graphic


Outside the Classroom

We are thrilled to see such a positive academic outcome, but it is also exciting to hear that RCLS alumni are doing well outside of the classroom. One of the hallmarks of an RCLS education is that we work to shape the whole child––mind, body, and spirit. At RCLS, we facilitate extracurricular involvement, social engagement, and, most significantly, a student’s spiritual well-being, so we are encouraged to learn that students from the class of 2018 are thriving in these contexts.

What activities are RCLS alumni involved with in high school?

72% participate in high school athletics. There are RCLS alumni participating and lettering in cross country, swimming, soccer, basketball, track, lacrosse, baseball, softball, trap shooting, figure skating, Nordic skiing, and more.

35% participate in band, including marching band, symphonic winds, concert band, jazz band, and pep band.

42% participate in service clubs including Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Key Club, and the Concerned Student Task Force.

35% participate in extracurricular academic activities or organizations such as Latin Club, French Club, Spanish Club, the Debate Team, and the Robotics Team.

6% participate in their high school’s theater program.

100% participate in church or community activities such as their church youth group or confirmation classes, community athletics clubs (soccer, tennis, figure skating, swimming, equestrian, and more), SEMYO, or Boy Scouts.

Alumni activities graphic

As a Preschool-Grade 8 school, RCLS is concerned about providing an education that is foundational, individual, and whole––an education that equips students to excel in later stages of learning. These numbers suggest that the curriculum and teachers at RCLS are doing just that––enabling kids to excel. “RCLS did a great job in preparing our student for high school,” agrees one parent.

“As for RCLS’s overall influence, [our son] couldn’t have been better prepared for high school,” writes another alumni parent. “RCLS teaches diligence, respect, hard work, and a Christian world view.”

The RCLS faculty and staff are honored to be part of such a mission. We are ever so grateful to partner with families to raise kids who are Grounded in Grace, Formed in Faith, and Committed to Learning for Life.

RCLS Class of 2018: way to go! Press on with continued excellence and continue to grow in grace and wisdom. We're rooting for you!