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8th grade class of 2020
Robin Kaufmann

Every year we think we are graduating the best group of kids and sending them on to succeed in high school, but this year, we are particularly sure that is so. In the midst of what is likely the most unusual end to a school year that we’ve ever seen in the U.S., RCLS is graduating a remarkable class of 38 students. They are all promising, young people––the sort of youth that should give us great anticipation for good things to come. 

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Kindergarten students
Sarah Pease & Robin Kaufmann

Just before Minnesota’s governor closed school campuses in March, RCLS's School Counselor, Ms. Sarah Pease, submitted this article and book list for the blog. We had earlier talked about what resources she might provide to help parents facilitate the development of empathy in their students. When we talked, we could not have imagined that our nation would be in such a circumstance as we are now, when empathy, camaraderie, and a sense of collective effort are the tools that might help us navigate through our days. We hope this time––and these recommendations––encourage your efforts to develop empathy in your children. 

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Student working on computer from home
Robin Kaufmann

As we enter the last month of the school year, we’ve just learned the news that Minnesota schools will remain closed and distance learning is to continue to the end of 2019-20 year. Here at RCLS, this announcement coincides with our recent survey and evaluation of our Remote Learning program for students in Preschool-Grade 8. Altogether, then, this is our collective moment to take a deep breath, fine tune our plan and processes, and gather the strength to finish well. This list of articles and resources can help you do just that.

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Holy Week Thumbnail
Robin Kaufmann

In this most sacred, significant week of the Christian calendar, it may feel especially discouraging to be away from your church and school families. The body of Christ longs to be together, not socially distanced as we must be now. How is it that we may be “one in spirit and of one mind” if we cannot be together as one church or school community? Join in as we walk in the way of Jesus this week. Separated we may be, but united we are in looking to the interests of others. 

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RCLS student doing homework
Robin Kaufmann

We know that without the normal rhythm of school and extracurricular activities, your children are likely to have more downtime than usual, so what you’ll find here is a list a teacher-recommended activities––digital and otherwise––that can help your child and family flourish during this uncertain time. Take a few moments over Spring Break to peruse this list for activities your child might enjoy in his/her rhythm of Remote Learning.

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