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Outstanding Teacher Nomination group
Robin Kaufmann & Faculty Contributors

Recently, RCLS’s Outstanding Educator committee collected and identified nominations that our school would submit. Nominated for Outstanding Early Childhood Teachers, Outstanding Elementary Teachers, and Outstanding School Shepherd, these educators and one pastor are the “Teachers’ Teachers” among us. They are leaders among a group of outstanding peers, and they are professionals trusted not just by students and school parents, but by their own colleagues, as well.

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Summer Fair thumbnail
Robin Kaufmann

Along with the pool, the lake, and summer vacations, we hope reading takes center stage for your child this summer. Most parents (and all teachers) recognize that summer reading is imperative to preventing "summer slide"––the loss of critical literacy skills. Even more, reading is not just for maintaining these skills, but also for promoting moral development and social/emotional well-being. Who of us does not recall being lost in the pages of a marvelous literary adventure as a child? Those instances were critical soul-shaping, empathy-producing, mind-growing moments for us. We'd like to help you create such moments for your own children. We're beginning those efforts with our online Summer Reading Fair. Need some more suggestions in addition to our recommended reading list? Take a look at this list of book series, and happy reading!

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We're Celebrating! RCLS Class of 2022
Robin Kaufmann

They’ve graduated!

RCLS is pleased to congratulate 34 8th grade students on their graduation last night from their childhood school. The 2021-22 school year has come and gone for them. It was, in their words…

Fast, fun, crazy, awesome, hilarious, happy, exciting, leadership, “friends,” challenging, memorable, hard, entertaining…and more!

Please celebrate these students with us. 

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Retirement Celebration Invitation
Robin Kaufmann

The end of every school year is brimming with celebration––primarily for a productive year of learning and for anticipation of a glorious summer, of course, but also for new beginnings and poignant endings, the milestones that make up a life. The end of the 2022 school year brings us one of those milestones, this time in the form of a celebration for the long and faithful careers of two of RCLS’s best: Mrs. Suzanne Lagerwaard, Principal, and Mrs. Karen Holtan, 2nd grade teacher.

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List of lists image
Robin Kaufmann

Christmas shopping lately?

‘Tis the season, as they say, so we know RCLS parents have a few children’s gifts to think about.

We’re here to help!

Here you'll find assembled a "list of lists," dozens of ideas for gifts, games, or books your kids––or perhaps the Ronald McDonald House––would love for Christmas.

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