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Frederick Douglass quote on RCLS sign
Robin Kaufmann

There are few tools so effective as narrative for shaping hearts and minds. As children read about the lives of others or they enter what one literary theorist calls the “laboratory of fiction,” they can test ideas and try on feelings, thereby developing understanding, admiration, or empathy for others. Ultimately, by the example of others and within the framework of the truth of Scripture, students learn how it is they, too, might be faithful men and women of courage, compassion, and accomplishment.

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Catevenis family
Robin Kaufmann

When the Catevenis family moved to Rochester in 2016, they did so to settle down near family after military life. In the preceding five years, Alex had served two tours of duty abroad, the family had moved three times, and Abby, then a second grader, had already had two schools. Rochester was to bring a little familiarity and a lot more stability to their life. Read more to find out how their children's school played a critical role in providing the sense of safety and stability they sought.

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middle school girl working on computer
Eva Timimi, RCLS 8th grade

The fun thing about being an eighth grader at RCLS is that we get to have more responsibility. Here at RCLS, 8th graders play a major role in choosing and raising money for local charities. Every year, four charities are chosen by 8th graders, then, each quarter, the whole school will raise money for one of these charities. The Red Cross, The Landing, MN Teen Challenge, and Ronald McDonald House were selected to be the charities that RCLS will support this year. Find out how you might help your RCLS student give to these organizations.

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Middle school students in PE class
Ms. Darcy Lindquist, MS, LSC

As parents of middle-school students, you play a primary role in encouraging resiliency in your students. To that end, school counselor Ms. Darcy Lindquist offers  the following insights with regard to pre-teens and stress––tips that are pertinent even during a time of remote learning, as RCLS is in now.

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Books and  Devotionals thumbnail
Robin Kaufmann

It's going to be a more quiet Advent season than usual. In place of the usual rhythm of December festivities, we’d like to propose that you make the most of it, as they say, and make the next four weeks extraordinarily significant––through prayer, music, activities, reading, and memory-making togetherness

What you'll find here is a list of resources––books and Advent devotionals––that will help you make the most of this season of expectation. Rather than waiting until Christmas to gift your child with these, we propose that you purchase (or check out) these titles now so that your month of expectation can be spent expecting together. After a month of reading, reflection, and togetherness, you'll ready your hearts for the great joy of Christmas morning. Christ has come!

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