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Hanson Kids First Day of school
Robin Kaufmann

The story below was first published on March 21, 2019 under the title "Mission Possible: Building a Legacy." Three weeks later, at the age of 50, Andrea Hanson was diagnosed with colon cancer, and she and Brian and their kids set out on a 2 1/2-year battle for healing. They set out on their journey with two goals. They wanted to do "this" well––that is, whatever "this" turned out to be. Andrea wanted to honor Jesus. Also, Brian and Andrea wanted to keep life as normal as they could for their kids, all the while fighting to extend her life as long as possible. Andrea hoped to be able to launch Joshua and Elizabeth into adulthood. 

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theme verse collage
Robin Kaufmann

Earlier this week, RCLS held what is a unique ceremony in our area: a graduation for our 8th-grade class. Each year on the day after Memorial Day, we mark the end of the foundational years of education and bless a class of 8th-grade graduates as they progress on to the next stage of life and learning: high school!

This year, we’ve celebrated 20 graduates, a smaller class than we typically have, but an enduring (and endearing) group of kids, nonetheless. We welcome you to applaud them with us.

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students at start line of relay
Robin Kaufmann

After last year’s “canceled” spring, we’re looking forward to all that is planned for the next eight weeks of school. Blue & White Night, Field Day, Graduations: these are treasured traditions at RCLS, and we are excited that they will go forward in some form in the coming weeks. We want our school parents to be able to anticipate (and attend) these events, so perhaps you’ll consider this your Guide to Spring at RCLS––and plan to join us for an event or two, on campus!

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Robin Kaufmann

If there is one question I answer more than any other when I am introducing prospective families to RCLS, it is this:

Does RCLS offer accelerated classes?

Usually, the question is followed by explanation. “My son/daughter is in the gifted and talented program,” or “My son/daughter is taking an accelerated math class,” or “My son/daughter qualified to double-accelerate in math.”

The simple answer to the question is "yes," but there is more to it than that.

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Frederick Douglass quote on RCLS sign
Robin Kaufmann

There are few tools so effective as narrative for shaping hearts and minds. As children read about the lives of others or they enter what one literary theorist calls the “laboratory of fiction,” they can test ideas and try on feelings, thereby developing understanding, admiration, or empathy for others. Ultimately, by the example of others and within the framework of the truth of Scripture, students learn how it is they, too, might be faithful men and women of courage, compassion, and accomplishment.

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