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Robin Kaufmann

It's going to be a more quiet Advent season than usual. In place of the usual rhythm of December festivities, we’d like to propose that you make the most of it, as they say, and make the next four weeks extraordinarily significant––through prayer, music, activities, reading, and memory-making togetherness

What you'll find here is a list of resources––books and Advent devotionals––that will help you make the most of this season of expectation. Rather than waiting until Christmas to gift your child with these, we propose that you purchase (or check out) these titles now so that your month of expectation can be spent expecting together. After a month of reading, reflection, and togetherness, you'll ready your hearts for the great joy of Christmas morning. Christ has come!

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8th grade students in class
RCLS 8th graders

In a recent compare/contrast writing assignment in 8th grade, students afforded us the "lived experience" of going to school––online and in-person––in a pandemic. We’ve included two of their essays here. Together, they illuminate those those issues that you might expect to be important to a middle-school student––and some that might surprise you, as well.

We thank these 8th graders for giving us permission to publish their "compare and contrast" essays, and we celebrate the resilience of students who remind us: a) both [learning] situations "end up being okay" and b) "God has a plan for us." 

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Robin Kaufmann

The Book Fair benefits RCLS students twice––first because it is an opportunity to purchase new books of their own, and then because 25% of a student’s purchase is credited back to the school library for its shelves. It’s a win-win, and just before a colder season when we all likely are to be home more often than usual, we think it’s a particularly good time to stock up on books. Take a look at this recommended book list, then head over to to find the Virtual Book Fair!

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5th grade students in class
Robin Kaufmann

One of the ways we may think about the Christian life is to see it as a journey. It is this “way”––this journey–– that is the organizing theme of our collective contemplation this year at RCLS. As is our tradition, we have adopted a visual representation of the theme, a logo that is printed on t-shirts and banners around the school. Mrs. Kelly Hicks, the logo’s designer, shared her inspiration with us.

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8th grade class of 2020
Robin Kaufmann

Every year we think we are graduating the best group of kids and sending them on to succeed in high school, but this year, we are particularly sure that is so. In the midst of what is likely the most unusual end to a school year that we’ve ever seen in the U.S., RCLS is graduating a remarkable class of 38 students. They are all promising, young people––the sort of youth that should give us great anticipation for good things to come. 

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