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School principal with students at lunch

Here at RCLS, we enjoy a change of pace in the summer and the opportunity to refresh our procedures and renew our campus for the highly anticipated return of our beloved students, the very reason for our efforts. This year, that change of pace has presented a remarkable opportunity for training and networking for our school principal, Mrs. Lagerwaard.

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8th grade class in gym

Just over a month ago, RCLS graduated another class of 8th-grade students, some of whom have attended RCLS since preschool and others who have attended this school only in the last year or two. Recently, we asked one graduating student to reflect on her RCLS experience. That reflection––and more––is a precious insight into the RCLS experience.

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Boys playing trumpets

Music often defines a moment and frames a memory. For some, like RCLS alumna Steffi Tetzloff (RCLS 2001-2012), who is currently studying both Trumpet Performance and Economics at Oklahoma State University, it even shapes a life. Music instruction offers numerous intellectual and character benefits for young children. Find out how to get your child interested in music and how RCLS fosters musical literacy.

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Engineer, Create, Collaborate

New curriculum standards include engineering goals for every grade level from K-12. RCLS has responded to this increased standard by offering integrated engineering opportunities, most recently through a Rube Goldberg enrichment unit. Engineering tasks and units of study foster knowledge creation, creativity, confidence, critical thinking, and collaboration. These are certainly valuable skills for future engineers, but they are also valuable skills for life.

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Raising Kids Who Create with Technology, Not Consume It

RCLS prioritizes technology because this perspective and the skills that accompany it position students to be creators, to continue to learn, and to excel in both academic and professional contexts, where they can impact the world through excellence. Ultimately, the value of RCLS’s technology program is that it prepares students to create and communicate in the “real” world.

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