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It has been exciting to watch how God has graciously provided the means to meet the school’s tangible needs in just a few years.  At the same time, we believe in a long-term vision for The Grace Foundation that demonstrates faithful stewardship of resources on behalf of RCLS. Read on for the details of that vision, then join us at upcoming events.

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Two students discussing in class

What matters most in the first years of school?

It’s one of the proverbial million-dollar questions. The stakes are high––our children, our workforce, our society. At the beginning of a lifetime of learning and labor, the first years of school are the foundation of all that will follow them. Shouldn’t we know the answer to this question?

It turns out, we do.

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Student signs name on certificate

Kindergarten is a major milestone. If you have a child ready (or possibly ready) to start kindergarten in 2020, we know you have questions. In the experiences of kindergarten families this year, perhaps you’ll find an answer to a question you have, a shadow of your own expectations for kindergarten, or a reality that you hope will be your own. Read on to learn what current RCLS kindergarten children and their parents encountered––blessings and a few bumps in the road––in the precious first weeks of school.

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Two boys playing in classroom

Play––and board games, in particular––are widely acknowledged for contributing to a child's intellectual, emotional, and social development. Given the good that play can do, we hope you’ll make traditional games and play a part of your child’s Christmas this year. Peruse this list of teacher-recommended toys and game, put one or more under your tree this year, and play away.

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Students hands with blue paint

Art is an essential aspect of the human experience. To varying degrees and in different contexts, we are each compelled by beauty. Most of us recognize there is some value in art, but we live in a culture that prioritizes STEM skills and education. Find out how a STEAM approach prepares students with the knowledge and skills they need.

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