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These reads are recommended with a variety of RCLS students in mind––some reluctant readers, some avid bibliophiles––but all of these narratives are “good” in that they are about that which is true. In every case, these are books beloved by RCLS teachers and students who have read them, and they promise to lend understanding that broadens your student’s perspective or reinforces her embrace of goodness. Peruse this list for titles your middle schooler might enjoy this summer, visit the library or local bookstore, and get him reading. Even better, maybe you’ll want to read alongside (or with) her, too. Enjoy!

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RCLS mom and her son

As they consider the ways in which RCLS has been the right school for their youngest child, the Dances name all of these aspects of the school that make it the right place for their family: a Christ-centered environment, systematic instruction, talented teachers, individual care and attention, grace and kindness, and “the outstanding families” that surround their son. Outstanding families, indeed. It appears one only needs to roam the halls at RCLS now and then to find them.

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Hanson Kids First Day of school

To know Brian and Andrea Hanson is to know two people on a mission––and to know they have the skillsets necessary to accomplish that mission. Appreciative of RCLS as they are after having partnered with the school’s remarkable faculty to raise their two children, the Hansons have long been a part of the mission of the school, but it is the future of the school that has their attention now. It is that future––the future of RCLS and the legacy of RCLS in their own family’s life––that has given shape to one of the family’s most significant missions in recent years. Will you join them in the mission of building this legacy for the school?

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Students singing at Christmas program

Grace. Faith. Learning for Life. No culture or era ever gets it all right, but these...these are words that transcend time and place, words that rightly order the chaos. Indeed, when children are immersed in them for the better part of their childhoods, these are words capable of setting our students free from the tyranny of the self and the temporality of alternative “truths”––capable, even, of turning the world right-side up again.

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RCLS Class of 2018

As I interact with prospective school families, one of the questions I am always asked is, “How do RCLS students do in high school?” Until now, we’ve only had such anecdotes and stories to share. But now, after a recent survey of parents of RCLS’s 2018 graduates, we have some numbers to support the stories. And, truly, the numbers are astounding.

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