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According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, fewer than 40 percent of American 4th graders are proficient readers. While some of these students wrestle to overcome legitimate learning challenges, the likelihood of outcomes for the rest of this population of students is troubling. Can’t we do better?

“Better” is exactly what we try to do at RCLS. Read on to learn about some of strategies that teachers employ to create a culture of literacy.

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Mrs. Finley

The start of the 2018-19 marks the start of another promising new school year at RCLS, but it also marks the end of an era at our beloved school––one that has been shaped rather significantly by the 40-year ministry of Mrs. Ramona Finley, RCLS’s faithful Administrative Assistant. For four decades––4 decades!––Mrs. Finley has been the hub of records, communications, finances, and administrative support for the school. Even more, she has been at the front line of care and nurturing for generations of students. On this, her last day of 40 years of service to the school, Mrs. Finley reflected on her remarkable career.

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