Families and friends of RCLS can bless our school by giving “free money” through corporate sponsored programs that exist to benefit schools. “Free money” means that RCLS receives financial support without you actually giving any money to RCLS. In the 2009-2010 school year, RCLS received over $19,000 through these programs.

Programs that result in “free money” or “free stuff”:

  • SCRIP – Purchase gift cards and gift certificates at face value that RCLS buys at discount. You share the profit with RCLS.
  • Box Tops – Look for pink Box Tops certificates on General Mills products and on products from other Box Tops partner companies. Each certificate is worth 10¢. You can also earn money by shopping in the BoxTops online Marketplace. Visit: www.btfe.com
  • Target REDcard – Designate support of RCLS and our school benefits every time you shop at Target with this card. You also get a 5% discount whenever you use the card. Visit: www.target.com Click on “Take Charge of Education” at the bottom.
  • Kwik Trip Milk Moola and Donuts to Dough – Each milk cap or bag top is worth 5¢. Glazers donuts oval certificates are worth 10¢. Visit:www.milkmoola.com
  • Kemps Nickels for Schools – Each Kemps milk cap or Nickels for School proof of purchase symbol from dairy products is worth 5¢. Visit:www.kemps.com Click on Nickels for Schools under Promotions.
  • GreenSchoolProject – Turn in your empty ink cartridges from printers, RCLS redeems them for cash! Visit: www.greenschoolproject.com
  • Good Search: Use it like Google or Bing and get 1¢ for every search. Make sure you designate support for RCLS. There is also online shopping available which also benefits RCLS. Visit: www.goodsearch.com
  • Tyson Project A+ – This is similar to Box Tops. Redeem Project A+ labels from Tyson products for 24¢ each. Visit:www.tyson.com/projectaplus
  • Labels for Education – Clip and save UPCs and beverage caps from participating products (e.g. Campbell’s Soup Labels). RCLS redeems these for FREE educational resources. Visit: www.labelsforeducation.com
  • My Coke Rewards – Collect award codes and enter them on the My Coke Rewards web site. Designate points to RCLS and they are redeemed for FREE merchandise. Visit: www.mycokerewards.com

A little effort in collecting (or searching) accumulates and results in great benefits! Thank you for supporting RCLS with the above programs!