It is our hope that when students graduate from RCLS they have a foundation for leading a God-pleasing life. In the middle school years some of the final blocks of that foundation come together. In addition to the core subjects the middle school focus is on faith development, self-discipline, and respect.

Self-discipline is one of the areas of focus for grade 6-8 students. Because curriculum specialists become the norm for our middle school students, moving from room to room can make keeping organized a major challenge for some. Our teachers are ready to help. We encourage students to advocate for themselves by asking for help. A major project is due each year from middle school students. These projects are multidisciplinary and include a significant writing component.

Middle school students log hours of community service done in response to God’s grace in their lives. Planned leadership opportunities in worship and with multiage groups allow students to develop leadership skills.

The middle school experience at RCLS provides a dynamic range of activities and opportunities which support and nurture students as they grow academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.