Not a Lutheran? Not a problem!

Approximately 30 percent of RCLS students attend one of the association churches—Family of Christ, Grace, Holy Cross, or Trinity Lutheran churches—but 70 percent do not attend one of these churches. In fact, the student body of RCLS represents nearly 40 different local churches. We are a diverse body of believers, and we enjoy the multi-denominational fellowship that characterizes our school. We believe that the Word of God places the prime responsibility for Christian education directly into the hands of parents.

The purpose of RCLS is to be an extension of the home, providing...

  •  Daily instruction in God's word
  • Modeling of a Christ-centered life 
  • Opportunities to extend grace to others 
  • Support for the family's responsibility 
  • A quality education that prepares students for their present and eternal life.  

RCLS is operated as a ministry of area Missouri Synod Lutheran Church congregations who work together as an association to meet these goals.
Whether they have a church home or not, all children in the community are welcome at RCLS.
You are welcome here!